We Are Closing Down on Friday :( Read Below, It Sucks…



From J.P. Hunter .....

Unfortunately, due to matters beyond our control Get Shot and Get Shot Girls will be breaking up and closing down. This is why and it really sucks.

When I first started this band almost 9 years ago, it was nothing more than a joke to play a New Years Eve party. Since then, Get Shot has played close to 1,000 shows in 30 states, released two albums and just last year started the near impossible task of starting an adult entertainment company. We have successfully pissed off half the punk scene while receiving praise from half the mainstream. My only intention was to turn heads and to piss on societies political correctness with ridiculousness in the sexiest way possible.

I have sacrificed my life for this band. I have lost relationships with friends, family and lovers. I quit a successful 10 year career in bounty hunting and bodyguard work (hence the last name Hunter) to focus all my ambition on music and porn. Yeah, I'm kinda crazy. I know this.

I launched www.getshotgirls.com on July 5th 2013 as a free website on a shitty GoDaddy website builder. Since the band had been coined "porno punk" and I couldn't find another band that actually started a porn site, I thought I would take advantage of the idea. I started doing huge amounts of research and for the most part did everything right to start in this business. The only thing I didn't have was financial backing. So far I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours to get to the point where we are. Attorneys, permits, equipment, models, web designers, server fees plus a gazillion other things.

Once we received an overwhelming response of international attention after we filmed the legendary "Westboro Baptist Fingerbang" things got more stressful. We had received millions of page hits and video views, made more off iTunes sales in a week than in 4 years, offered a DVD distribution deal, hundreds of interviews and then booking a US Tour. For being a small punk band with no management, no PR team and no investors, I think we did a pretty good job. Unfortunately, I'm just a musician with a big dick and don't know shit about running websites. If we had affiliate advertisements on our site during the hype of "Westboro Baptist Fingerbang" I would estimate that we could have made at least $30,000 based on our current ad revenue, traffic and conversion. That really sucks.

I formed a Limited Liability Company with two partners in December to make Get Shot Entertainment a real business. Together with my business partners, we invested about $15,000 to build a new website, hire an attorney, blah, blah, blah ect. I have been seeking an investor for 2 years with no avail because I refuse to lose any creative control to some douche in a suit. I'm not against becoming rich but am against selling out. I had been struggling to come up with adequate funding to make sure every part of my plan was able to be carried out. I got pretty fucking close.

Get Shot Girls re-launched with a new design and became a pay site on February 5th this year. We signed up with a company called Zombaio to process all credit card transactions. We chose this company based off of reviews and the fact they did not require a $1,000 deposit to start our account. Since, we started as a pay site only 4 months ago, we have done pretty fucking good on sales and keep getting more members daily. What really sucks is when you see a bunch of money you have made sitting in an overseas account and you may never actually get it.

Our payment processor, Zombaio owes us a lot of money. Money that we should have started to receive in March. It's now mid-June and I still have not seen a penny. Even though they keep promising to pay me soon, I have lost all faith in them. We would just switch processing companies but we don't have $1,000 to do so. We would also have filed a civil suit against Zombaio but they are based in Europe and have no obligation to respond to the lawsuit, not to mention it would cost thousands in legal fees. Our hands are tied and without an investor, we are sinking fast albeit our success.

Just to keep Get Shot Girls online costs us $580 a month. Although we clear that in sales every month, without getting paid we simply can no longer afford it (Hell, we couldn't afford it in the first place). We are about $5000 in debt which isn't much for a new company but it should have all been paid off by now. It may not be cliche for punk rockers, but we like paying my bills on time and keeping other people happy. Because of this clusterfuck, I am unable to do that and am officially out of magic tricks to make shit happen. I have no choice but to dissolve the company and sell off our domain and content to pay for these debts.

No matter how well planned you are, how much ambition and drive you may have and no matter what sacrifices one makes. It takes money to make money.

As far as the band is concerned, I again have done everything and financed everything. Although I personally appreciate and love everyone who has been a part of this band, no one has had the drive and energy to take it to the next level. I can't make people put out effort, want to be in the spotlight, want to make money or do anything for that matter. If we were to have made tons of money, I would have paid and handpicked musicians from around the world to join the band because this is a business and I need capable people to operate the business as smooth as possible. If this was a lemonade stand with a few friends, there would have been less problems.

Because I am crazy and ambitious, I won't be able to sit in the dark very long. I just need a break to let my brain come up with another epic idea to attempt. Maybe I will run for President or start a cult? Maybe I'll fake my death and go find Elvis and Tupac? Maybe I will invest my talents and find a promising band and become their manager? Maybe I will make a glitter bomb, strap it to my chest and blow myself up while skydiving over Santa Monica. That might be pretty cool. Colorful too!!

Lastly, I would like to thank all our fans, haters, lovers, one-night stands, promoters, venues and all the amazing perverted people who have signed up to our site, bought our albums and supported us. I also would like to give special thanks to my ex-girlfriend who allowed me and supported my insanity through the beginning of all this even though I fucked everything up. I could never thank all of you enough.

As far as our current members on the site, I have submitted a request to refund everyones credit cards since we have not seen any of it. I do not know if they will refund your card, when or whatnot. There is no way I will allow a company to take money from our fans and rip us off. Thats bullshit. We will send you another email

Unless someone on facebook sends us an email saying they can invest at least $10,000 and do it today, we will be offline on July 4th 2014. Exactly on our one-year anniversary.

Thanks again and remember to always challenge authority. We live in a pretty fucked up place with lots of fucked up people. Life is short. Get laid. Do drugs. Love your friends and family. Make sure the person you hate knows you hate them and remind them often. Don't be quiet. Stand up. Be loud. Make noise. Fuck political correctness. Be yourself. Find solutions to your problems and don't bitch or whine. Stand up for the underdog. Spit on oppression. Do what's right and do it your way.

Again, this is out of our control and we have been trying to keep going but financially cannot.

If you have any questions please email me at info@getshotgirls.com


J.P. Hunter
Get Shot Entertainment, LLC